About Austin Mullen

What's up everyone! My name is Austin, I'm 27 years old and living in Carlsbad California. I have a strong passion for travel and being around all walks of life, which is shown throughout my photography.  I utilize landscapes and work with light of all types to produce my images. I love to connect with people on a deeper level, this allows me to bring out their uniqueness and emotion in a photograph.

My earlier years were spent in Minnesota, where I developed a love for being outside. My teen years were spent skiing. As that passion began to grow, at 18 I moved to Colorado to ski in the mountains , where I spent 8 years.

Now, I am no longer living in Colorado. You can find me near the ocean, surfing and using photography as my creative outlet. Adventure and the lust for a fulfilling fun life is what makes me, me.

I would love to work with you on future projects, please contact me for hiring information via the form below.

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